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What should I bring on my trip? 

Comfortable Warm Clothing, Rain Gear, Lunch, Snacks, Drinks, Camera, Sunscreen, Cooler with ziploc bags for filets, etc. If prone to seasickness, it is a good idea to start medication the day before the trip. The weather can and does change unpredictably on the Great Lakes. Staying dry and comfortable is key to an enjoyable day on the water. 

Is Alcohol Allowed? 

Light responsible drinking is permitted during your trip, beer, wine coolers, etc. However, hard liquor and/or illegal drugs are strictly prohibited. Including Marijuana, Michigan’s state laws do not apply to Federal Waters in which you’ll be fishing. The Captain reserves the right to stop a charter if drugs are present. 

Can my trip be cancelled due to weather? 

It is possible that heavy weather forecasts can impede a trip. Your Captain tracks the weather on a daily basis to make sure you are comfortable and safe. If a cancellation should occur, it was in the passengers, vessels, and captains best safety interest.  Your trip will then be rebooked to a near date (potentially the following day). Capt. Brendan tries to keep the following day of any booking clear in the event of a cancellation if possible. 

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